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We Lead with
What We Know

We believe we can help because we’ve been there. Recovery Options Made Easy’s certified peers lead the way with lived experience to advocate for better and safer roads to recovery. Our continuum of accessible care services—from housing support to peer services—weaves our varied experiences together to provide trauma-informed empowerment, wellness, and recovery options, while respecting individuality and everyone’s right to choice.

Go from Here to Anywhere

The Recovery Options team is composed of 95% peers, with our main office in Gowanda, NY, and five satellite locations to best serve our participants. We’ve expanded our services over the years, covering over twenty counties, over 350 apartment sites, as well as peer services ranging from youth programs and respite services to supported housing and employment opportunities. Whether you are beginning or continuing your journey of mental health recovery and advocacy, you can  lean on the experiences of your peers at Recovery Options with a variety of services that support you every step of the way.

Peer Support

We know how to support because others have supported us.

Supported Housing

Our care leads to more than just a roof over your head.


Where someone always has your back as you are discovering your voice.

Community Connection

Your recovery is never limited to only you.


A restful place to create a positive action plan to move forward from crisis.

Find Your Path

Continue your recovery journey with those who understand at Recovery Options.

Finding Our Way

from Housing Options to

Recovery Options

Our organization’s journey began in 1990 as Housing Options Made Easy, Inc. Since then, our peer-guided programs have grown exponentially to meet the needs of all individuals—across all  the counties of Western New York and the Finger Lakes Regions. As we recognize that many participants benefit from recovery-based services beyond Supported Housing, we successfully evolved our programs and mission to better serve our community. The expansion of our programs over the years has better positioned and connected us to continue our mission of advocating for all those in need of behavioral health services, and look forward to providing each member of our community with the guidance and support they need and deserve.

Where Personal

Community Resources, Outreach, and Education Programs

Recovery Options services are successful because of our lived experience. As a peer-run organization, each program is supported by certified peers who share a passion for increasing mental health awareness and advocating for your personal recovery.  We provide educational resources to our participants, family members, and our community to reduce the stigma regarding mental health and raise awareness of what recovery really looks like through multiple community outreach programs.

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Advance Your

Career Openings As a ROME Peer

As a not-for-profit organization providing peer-certified, person-centric mental health recovery support services, Recovery Options Made Easy employees make all the difference in the lives of others. Are you ready to use your own recovery experiences to help others on their paths? We’re eager to learn more about your story and how it can be shared to support others. The way to a brighter, more fulfilling career and a more trauma-informed community is through ROME.

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Ready for Recovery Options?

If you have an interest in learning more about the peer support movement, we’d love to hear from you.