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Community Connection








Leading with Experience

Our level of community involvement in our programs is one of the reasons we have been able to successfully place peers on paths of recovery. Without individuals in our community coming together to help those in need, Recovery Options wouldn’t be where it is today. We’re able to offer services across multiple counties, as well as assist outside agencies all in part to help those in the community who continually lend a helping hand.

Creating the Connection That Counts

We offer various training programs in the community to help bring awareness and acceptance to the mental health and substance use society. By helping to remove the stigma of these issues, we’re able to best integrate individuals back into society successfully, all while educating our local communities on how they can help assist those in need. 

With 25 years of experience operating a peer-run organization, Recovery Options has mentored and provided consulting services for peer agencies, SAMHSA, and provider agencies in New York State and across the nation. We’re continually seeking the best ways to integrate our individuals into the community. We offer training programs for those in need, and those in our community who want to help us bring awareness and assist those who need it most. Some of our training programs include:

Anti-Stigma Training

Housing Options Training

Self-Help Training

We’re All Here to Help

We have been recognized nationally as a leader in operating a peer-run corporation and have been sought after to assist other agencies in New York and across the nation in evaluating and improving peer and provider-operated agencies. And we seek peers who understand the impact mentorship has on others’ recoveries. With that, Recovery Options seeks peers who are:

Over 18 Years of Age

Passionate to Help Others

Driven to Better Our Community

Reach out to us today to see how you can be a part of Recovery Options causes, initiatives, and successes.

Creating Stronger
Community Ties

Together we can make a difference. Through our efforts, Recovery Options Made Easy bridges the gaps in society for those with a mental health and substance use issue. With various training programs and community connection efforts, we integrate with our local community and those in need. We understand the need for cohesion in today’s society, and we serve as the support, strength, and hope for those who need it most. We’ve helped and engaged with a variety of organizations within our own community and across the country.

  • Step by Step in St. Lawrence County
  • The Seneca Nation
  • Mental Health Association of Genesee and Livingston Counties
  • Mental Health Association of Chautauqua County
  • Washington State
  • Catholic Charities — Binghamton, NY
  • Optum Health — Pierce County, WA
  • Warren County, PA
  • 2012 Institute for Organizational and Business Development — Portland, OR
  • NYS Academy of Peer Services
  • Recovery Center Conference — Hosted by NYSOMH and NYAPRS
  • Peer Specialists Conference — New York, NY
  • NYAPRS Executive Seminar

A Helping Hand That Understands

Recovery Options Peers help individuals embrace their inner empowerment, choice, self-direction, and independence, while successfully integrating into society. We provide this level of all-encompassing support due in large part to our strong community connections. We all have the ability to make a difference—when and how do you want to make yours?