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Support Through It All

We’re here to help individuals transition into society through a variety of different training programs. Each program targets a different direction and method, all of which are beneficial to anyone in need. Through Recovery Options Made Easy, advocacy training programs are held within the community. We provide advocacy trainings for peers on how to:

  1. Self-Advocate
  2. Deal with Stigma
  3. Advocate for Others 
  4. The Importance of Sitting on Boards 
  5. Lead by Experience in the Community

Peer advocacy services also offer linkages to other natural supports, community education, and tools on how to navigate the system and their community.

Advocacy for All

Recovery Options Made Easy utilizes a variety of opportunities to help individuals overcome and achieve a positive future. Our training provides individual skills in facilitating and attending self-help groups, starting self-help groups, and facilitator support. Self-help groups can be held at our office and locations in the community. The self-help program provides self-help groups that assist individuals with support, encouragement, mentors, and alternatives to high-end services. The self-help program also has a training component that teaches and supports individuals who want to be self-help facilitators. Recovery Options offers these groups and services across each county.

Office-Based Self-Help Groups

Community-Based Self-Help Groups

Facilitator Training Groups

System Advocacy

Individual Advocacy

Community Advocacy



Community Networking Trainings

Locate Your Advocate

For individuals working through a mental health or substance use diagnosis, Recovery Options offers supportive services throughout numerous counties in Western New York. Our specialists can assist you in finding the right support system to help you continue on your path to success. As a not-for-profit company that provides supportive housing and community support services to individuals with mental health diagnoses, we currently service six New York State counties.







Additionally, we have offices in Buffalo, Gowanda, Olean, Jamestown, and Rochester.

Becoming a Part of the Process

Together we’re creating a better place for those living with a mental health and substance use diagnosis. But without dedicated members of our society helping us along the way, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are. We’re continually looking for ways to incorporate new faces and fresh perspectives into our programs. Thanks to our network of employees, volunteers, and specialists, we’re able to create an uplifting atmosphere that inspires hope, change, and new beginnings.

Together We Create Difference

We’re continually working together with employees, volunteers, and specialists to create the advocacy we need for individuals living with mental health and substance use issues. It takes a village to help make change happen, and we hope to continue growing our advocacy training programs to make our communities a healthier, more welcoming place for all.