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Peer Consulting Services

Recovery Options Made Easy, Inc. is a not-for-profit supported housing and community support services agency. Recovery Options was developed and is operated by those who have lived through the recovery process.

Our programs and services help individuals with a mental health issue or substance use disorder grow and move forward in life with person-centric and trauma-informed advocacy. The success of these programs is based on strong principles that—as peers—we’ve personally used in our own recoveries.

We are experts in peer-led services

  • Nationally recognized for the quality and effectiveness of our peer services and how we operate our peer-run agency
  • We are composed of 95% peers

We have expertly designed our Peer Consulting Services with evidence-based support to help your organization incorporate these incredibly impactful strategies into your work.

Contact us now to get started. The questions below will help us understand where you are in your journey so we can have a better understanding of your position when we speak.