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Maya Hu-Morabito

Maya Hu-Morabito


Maya Hu-Morabito is President of the Recovery Options Made Easy Board of Directors. Maya comes to her role at Recovery Options from her work as Project Facilitator for the University of New Hampshire’s Institute on Disability and the National Center for START ServicesTM. The National Center for START ServicesTM is an initiative that works to strengthen efficiencies and service outcomes for people with IDD and mental health needs in the community. The START model was founded in 1986 and was established at the University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability in 2009 to provide technical assistance, clinical expertise, training, and consultation services that support of community-based crisis intervention for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health needs. 

An honorary Western New York native, Maya began her career as a Direct Support Professional and has since gained two decades of experience working in the field of Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health, including practice in case management, self-directed services, clinical assessment, and community education outreach. Her involvement in direct service has given her a deep appreciation of the positive outcomes that grow from people caring about other people. Her commitment to support in the mental health realm led her to come to know former Recovery Options CEO, the late Dr. Kirsten Vincent. Maya claims Kirsten as one of her role models; an example of someone who demonstrated kindness, always. 

Maya has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology and a Master of Arts in Humanities – Interdisciplinary with a concentration in Disability Studies from the State University of New York at Buffalo. 

Maya became President of the Recovery Options Made Easy Board of Directors in 2022 after several years as an active board member. In her role, she has led the Governance Committee to develop processes and guidelines to formalize the activities of the Board of Directors and the organization. Her leadership has seen the institution of practices that will provide a pathway for future success. 

Maya has two beautiful children, whom she spends a lot of her off-hours chasing around and entertaining. In her free time, she enjoys cooking with a glass of white wine, reading in-hand fiction books (never in electronic form) and running.